The purpose of screening is to establish if the GPSSBC has jurisdiction or power to hear the dispute.

We first check if the referring party (Applicant) has fully completed the referral form and the Respondent party or the Employer party has been cited correctly.

We also check if the other party the Respondent has been served by the applicant.

We look for the proof of service. This can be a facsimile, registered mail, hand delivery of the referral form, and can be delivered to the employer premises personally by applicant and the must be acknowledge by signing the referral form

The GPSSBC get it mandate from the Public Service Act. In other words the any party that declares a dispute for conciliation or arbitration to GPSSBC, the applicant must be an employee employed by the State in terms of the Public Service Act.

The most important part that we look for is whether the referring party or applicant has sign the referral form.